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Everything is Energy.  Everything Vibrates


   Who1e You 


Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal itself.  When our bones break.  When our hands get cut.  When our knees ache.  When we feel stress, or even an emotion like sadness.  Our bodies have the beautiful ability to heal themselves naturally, and quickly, when we put the body and mind into a relaxed state of calm.  The electrical impulses in our nervous system, when open, and flowing, much like that our home's electricity, or our computer's inner workings, when flowing freely, will allow the body to function efficiently heal itself, and "re-direct" would-be pain signals in the brain.......​

Every Organ, Every Cell in our body resonates to a certain frequency.  Every Thought we make, Every Emotion, can cause stress and disharmony in the body.  This means it is important to think positive thoughts, no matter what situation may arise.


When our bodies do get out of balance, be it physical pain, stress, emotional trauma, insomnia, etc, the frequencies, or "energy pathways"  of the central nervous system..


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