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 Everything Vibrates           Everything has Sound

Crystal and Metal Singing Bowls, with their unique resonance  and vibrations, have a certain gift and ability to reach the insides of our bodies,  from every individual cell,  to the very marrow of our bones.  The sounds can do everything from making the hair on your arms stand up, to making you feel the need to sit down and let the reverberations fully envelop your entire body and all of your senses.  For many people their feelings start to flow in unexpected paths and the sound has the ability to bring about unforeseen inner transformations.

Most people consider the sounds of singing bowls very peaceful and restful; bringing a calming sense to their bodies, which is why many people use singing bowls in their meditation and relaxation exercises.One of the most essential components of trying to feel the full impact of a healing treatment from a singing bowl is being fully relaxed and in a meditative state.Only when you have reached that point will you truly be able to surrender to the sound vibrations, otherwise the tenseness that rests at a deep point in all of us could prevent you from even reaching even a minimum of relaxation - and in some instances may even make the sound from the singing bowls unpleasant.  However, if you are able and willing to reach a fully relaxed condition and you're prepared to receive the sound vibrations you will be able to work on your spiritual connectedness in order to help better facilitate reaching tranquility.  Remember, practice makes perfect, and with the reverberations echoing throughout the room and entering you body and spirit the sounds from the singing bowl will become sacred and the healing aspects of the bowl can help to rejuvenate your mind and being, giving you a feeling of joy, satisfaction and inner peace while you enter your meditative state.

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