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Reiki is a gentle technique which helps to promote the  healthy flow of energy in the human body's central nervous system, thus allowing the body to heal itself naturally.


A good article about the study of Reiki at UCLA

"Reiki"is a word to describe an ancient form of a natural and gentle healing technique, derived from Japan. Reiki helps bring calm to the nervous system, and an overall balance to the mind, body, and spirit of an individual. Reiki is now widely taught and practiced around the world, and testimonials of the benefits continue to grow every day.


Reiki is based on the premise that  Energy and Vibration are present in all living things. These energies are what makes our bodies "work". When this energy becomes blocked, Pain, discomfort and disease can occur.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner will find and facilitate the release of these energy blocks. Reiki is non-invasive and can do no harm.

Some Benefits of Reiki  (not limited to)

  • Provides relief from the effects of arthritis, rheumatism and other debilitating conditions.

  • Helps bring balanced energy flow to the nervous system

  • Helps to delay the onset and progression of certain diseases.

  • Provides relief from pain, fear or anxiety


You may feel a warm "buzz"from the energy flow that is felt, which is very soothing and comforting. When relaxed completely, energies can flow freely in the body, thus allowing the natural healing process to accelerate. This includes emotional, behavioral and physical illnesses/injuries, in a very gentle way. With no side effects!

Reiki is not intended as an alternative to standard health care, but as a complimentary therapy to it. 

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